It was colder than Siberia

enabling night shift

By Stephen Schwetz

Last night, we had a cold change come through, and it was a doozy, with a maximum wind gust of 76 km per hour. These winds carried on into the morning, whilst nowhere near as strong, were still high and bitterly cold

Today was my first foray into the world of soccer gala days. Belle has taken up soccer and was lucky enough that there were enough girls playing in her age group from her school she is in a team that is made up of friends she has had since pre-school.

It is incredible to see how well the team has bonded and how their coach brings out the best in each player, especially as only about half of them have played the game before this year.

There is another gala day next month, and I can’t wait to take Isabelle to the games again; I am just hopeful that it will be nowhere near as cold.

Edgeworth Eagles Girls Under 9s 2021

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