Starting of at blogging again

There's lots to learn!

By Stephen Schwetz

Today was a quiet day at work for once, but unfortunately, it was meeting day.

The Optus debarkle is still ongoing at this stage, and they have not done any log analysis yet, so it is still going to run well into next week. My one-on-one with Heath is due tomorrow.

I find it draining because Emma is always asleep when I finish work. We have no interaction with each other other then plesentries during the day. Hopefully now that she has got a job it means that we will be able to purchase some new couches etc for the theater and we will both be able to sit/ lie in the same place.

Isabelle got the iPhone of her dreams, it is an iPhone 8 as she wanted one with a home button. She is such a classic, most kids want the newest and the best, but she just wants one with a home button.

I am going to try and do this each day to try and get my shit sorted, because at the moment i feel like a useless piece of shit.

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