Setting Pagination in FFRD

By Stephen Schwetz

FRRD is the routing daemon that NSX uses as the data plane. To access this you use the cli command vtysh.

vtysh can call an external paging program (e.g. more or less) to paginate long output from commands. This feature used to be enabled by default but is now controlled by the VTYSH_PAGERenvironment variable and the terminal paginate command:


If set, the VTYSH_PAGER environment variable causes vtysh to pipe output from commands through the given command. Note that this happens regardless of the length of the output. As such, standard pager behaviour (mainly waiting at the end of output) tends to annoy the user. Using less -EFX is recommended for a better user experience.If this environment variable is unset, vtysh defaults to not using any pager. Users should set this variable according to their preferences in their ~/.profile file.

terminal paginate

Enables/disables vtysh output pagination. This command can be placed in vtysh.conf to set a system-wide default. If this is enabled, but VTYSH_PAGER is not set, the system default pager (likely more or /usr/bin/pager) will be used.

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