Ellie the Stupid

I am the annoying

Hi! I’m Ellie, and this is my blog page. Here, you can follow the comings and goings of Myself, Ellie the Stupid. I am Emma’s pride, joy, and the bane of everyone else’s existence. To Emma, I am a sweet angel full of love, and to everyone else, I am just a Rat-Dog who is never afforded the respect I deserve.

Come back occasionally and stay updated on how annoying I can be.

Fun Facts:

Name: Ellie
Full Name Ellie May Clampett
Breed Toy Poodle
Cost Free
Favourite Toys Any of her “babies” that Emma gets (there are a lot) and usually at 9pm
Pastimes Sleeping during the day, being perpetually in the way, and being generally annoying. Oh, I love barking at the door
Favourite Person Lilian
Favourite Doggo Bluebell