DisplayLink Driver MacOS Now Supports f.lux

enabling night shift

By Stephen Schwetz

I have a Dell D6000 series USB-C docking station that I use to allow me to have two monitor support on my M1 Macbook Pro 13 inch. I have to use this out of the box the original M1 chip only supports 2 displays, and even if it is not in use the laptop screen is still counted as a display.

The only missing function that I had on my wish list was to either support night shift or even better f.lux. For those that don’t know f.lux was the original software that allowed blue light reduction on Macs and PCs. “Nightshift”” (MacOS) and “night light” (Windows 10) are basic copies of the blue light reduction that f.lux supplies.

f.lux provides additional functionality in that it will attempt to match the lighting that you are likely to see as it will slowly decrease the colour of the display to match local light. This means that it is less jarring than the native options that are either on or off.

You can download the driver for MAC-OS from here.

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