Quitting Smoking Day 2

Not that successful

By Stephen Schwetz

Well, so far, the quitting smoking plan has not been a success. In a moment of weakness, I bought another packet of darts, so I will eek these out and try again when they run out. I am trying not to consider this a failure; I must try again.

The worst part is that I know that these are “helping” with the depressive feelings that I have, but it is not suitable for my health, especially with my diabetes.

Today, other than the trip I had to make into the office, both firewalls decided that with daylight savings changing over, they would block their access to the Fortinet web filtering service. Thus, they blocked access to the internet, and Duo is configured to fail authentication rather than fail-safe.

That left me fried until about 3^p.m.^ because I had not slept much. Luckily, it is a long weekend, so it wasn’t much of an issue.

I did a little bit of yard work in the afternoon, but I need to get some better tools to allow me to continue.

I have decided to use some of my free time when I do not have the girls to take to get back into photography again. It has been some time since I have used the SLR in anger, and I would love to have further photos to add to this site. Next weekend, when the girls are not here, I might drag Emma out and see if we can find some lovely landscapes to photograph. I am looking forward to it happening.

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