Lilian's Life

I was 30 minutes late to school!

By Lilian

Lilian’s Life - Day 1

Hewo, and welcome to my life! My name is Lilian, and I like saying hewo!

Today I didn’t do a lot of things. I mainly went to school. Today was the first day of Term 4, and we had to put our phones in a Yondr Pouch. Some students have already been trying to unlock them, and one girl on my bus already has 4 suspensions. However, I am a good child and I haven’t been attempting to unlock my Yondr Pouch.

My bus was late to school by 30 minutes! It was late because of a burst water pipe on Main Road! So, I didn’t get to school until 9:30ish. I thought that there had been an accident because there was sooooooooo much traffic. But no, it was just roadworks :(

I hope you enjoy reading about my life.


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