Another Successful day at work

Only four more until the weekend

By Stephen Schwetz

My knee is feeling a lot better today, I have spent a couple of hours with the knee brace off as it was starting to hurt.

I had a good, deep conversation with my team leader today, and we spoke about my workload and trying to offload it to others in the team. This came about as last week I reached out and said that I had too many transitions to take care of, and I was starting to become overwhelmed by them.

Not overwhelmed as in mentally overwhelmed, more not enough hours in the day overwhelmed. Add onto it that I still had my own customers’ tasks to look after and was roped into tasks for others’ customers that needed an escalation point. I hope that with a bit of pushing, we will step up and learn the ropes in transition and tell the other guys what is needed and, from then on, will round-robin the transitions between us.

Otherwise, things at work have been pretty good. I need to perform my most hated of tasks this week: the self-evaluation. At least this time, I have an idea of what I am meant to do. As our manager has stated, this is probably the single task you should sell yourself with because if you don’t do it, no one else will. They will be too busy stuffing their hats with feathers.

Emma had psychology today and has made some significant steps in her treatments, but at the same time, she was upset that what she wanted to happen today would take longer than one day. To praise her, she did become self-aware during the session that what she hoped to happen was more than one session.

Oh, if only that is how the world of psychology were to happen.

I spent the last few nights tweaking the site’s format; I have configured a light/mode dark/mode and created some of my own CSS tweaks, mainly regarding a toggle that w fonts, etc. The theme creator used for this site has a light/dark mode available with a $20 monthly subscription, that is, $US. There is no way that I would be paying that for my website, so I found one of the sites that had paid for it and borrowed the CSS, JavaScript and buttons from their published site, and it was simply as easy as adding three pages and a couple of lines of config. I did not even have to hack the source.

I removed the Google Fonts from the base CSS and added my own, as I do not want the site’s rendering to be slowed down by having to download the fonts from Google.

The website in light mode


I have put two screenshots of the site up for prosperity’s sake, as I know the next time I look back on these pages, they will most definitely be changed and hopefully will not need to be recovered from the wayback machine again.

Lilian returned for her Monday - Wednesday shift at Dad’s house. Unfortunately, she had to kill her dinner, as I was on a call from work, and Emma was not feeling the best. I think, however, that she enjoys this as

  1. She gets the food the exact way that she wants it, and
  2. She becomes a bit of a grown-up and is allowed to cook.

I have a whole heap of documentation that I have collated from across multiple sites on the internet around the fediverse, and I am trying to figure out the best way to present it. I may add it as a collection, as I want to see how these work, and it seems to me to be the sort of thing it was designed for…

And, after all, every autistic man needs to have at least one collection :facepunch:

That is all from me tonight. I have taken my medications, and I am just watching some TV while waiting for them to kick in and take me to the land of nod.


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