The 7 Friends Chapter 1

By Lilian Schwetz


‘Come everyone, let’s go!’ Paige screamed down the hallway of her house. Everyone ran down the hallway, screaming, and quickly opened the door to the car. ‘What the frickle frackle was that?’ Zali screamed. ‘What was what?’ Paige asked. ‘There was a black figure in the hallway.’ ‘Are you sure that wasn’t Audrey again?’ ‘Yes, I am 100,000% sure,’ Audrey said. ‘I was nowhere near the hallway. I was in the toilet in the laundry.’ ‘Well, how about we go to Charlestown? I got $10,000 for my birthday, and I am happy to share!’ ‘Ok!’ Lilian said. Paige’s mum gets into the car, hears all the ruckus, and blocks her ears. Somehow, she figures out a way to safely drive out of the driveway, while covering her ears, which is quite impressive. Once we get onto the road, Ella stands up and pokes her head out the sky window. Then, she jumps, and wings appear out of the sides of her body, and then she flies away. ‘ELLA!! NOO!!’ Audrey screams. ‘Who is Ella?’ Emily asks. ‘Oh my god Emily. I thought you were smart.’ Zali said. ‘Jeez, sorry.’ Zali and Emily start fighting, and fight the whole way to the shops. There were so many close calls on the drive there. Paige’s mum isn’t the best driver ever, especially when she has her fingers in her ears to block out the two loud girls fighting in the back. But, we made it without any accidents. There may have been a couple of scratches on the car, and maybe like 3 dints, but at least we are alive. Right?

When we got to the shopping centre, Paige’s mum dropped us off out the front of the entrance. ‘Alright girls, I will be here to pick you up in about,’ She looks down at her watch. ‘2 hours. Ok?’ ‘But Mum! That is nowhere near enough time!’ Paige said. ‘Well, you better be a grateful young lady! Or you can not go at all, and it is not too late to return all of your birthday presents!’ She snapped at Paige. ‘Fine. Bye!’ Paige turned to face her friends. ‘So, where to?’ she asked. ‘There is this new shop that’s opened. It is called Dolly’s Lollies. I think we should go there!’ Emily suggests. Everybody agrees we should go. And so, we went.

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